Some men see things as they are and ask,                                       "WHY"                                          I dream of things that dont exist and ask,                                "WHY NOT"                                Photography is about capturing  what the eye        cant see, but the mind has concieved. Dave

Printing is now done once a week. Please allow 10 days for printing, packaging and then what ever time for postage.  Australia - Approx 3 weeks from time of order to delivery. International up to 4 weeks.  If there is a particular size you are after or you just need to contact us then you can Email  "The Gang 

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After closing everything down nearly 2 years ago, Dave has finally found a Printing group who after several months of testing and tweeking is producing prints that are perfect in Daves mind. 

Agreements and contracts have been reach and they will now be handling the website, all orders,  the printing  and postage of  Daves Art Works. Dave has spent awhile getting all his images, sized and proccessed to his exact standards and has now handed over his lifes work.

This means that regardless of what happens in the future, Daves Art will carry on, this was so important to Dave. There are Old Favorites and many new images never seen before, limited editions and one off's with more to be added.

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